AGT with expertise and flexibility combines the human resources and equipment to support industrial sites across Southeast Europe.

In a globalized and competitive business environment, there is an increasing need for companies to integrate support in an effort to reduce costs and maintain competitive advantage.

AGT is one of the few providers with the skills, abilities and know-how to support a range of consulting services for the design, construction, maintenance and proper operation of industrial plants and warehouses.

We provide comprehensive life cycle support to industry assets from construction, renovation and maintenance.

Industry services include:

Hard Services

  • Soft Services
  • 3rd Parties Activities
  • Compliance Services
  • Public Infrastructures Support Services
  • Civil Engineering Projects
  • Building Constructions
  • Metal Structures
  • Structural Reinforcements
  • Demolitions
  • Water & Sewerage networks
  • Electrical Installations
  • Data Network Installations
  • Piping Installations
  • Cooling & Heating
  • Energy & Environmental Solutions
  • Security & Communications Systems
  • Fire Safety

AGT operates in a fully accredited quality environment and applies all modern safety standards at work to ensure the safety of the company’s customers and employees, as well as to create an environment with minimal risk of injuries.