Fields of Expertise

Industrial EngineeringIndustrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Production lines assembly
M / E installations
Turnkey Relocations

AGT specializes in industrial engineering services, offering: all designed to enhance operational efficiency, ensure safety, minimize downtime, and facilitate secure transitions, ultimately driving our partner’s business success with precision and expertise.

At AGT, we don’t just engineer solutions; we craft pathways to operational excellence. Our industrial engineering services are a symphony of precision, innovation, and expertise, meticulously designed to elevate your operations, enhance safety, and seamlessly navigate transitions, ultimately propelling your business to new heights.

Facilities ServicesFacilities Services

Facilities Services

Hard & Soft services
Facilities upgrades
Energy efficiency upgrades

AGT offers a comprehensive suite of services dedicated to ensuring our partners properties are meticulously maintained, operate efficiently, and uphold environmentally friendly practices, fostering long-term value and sustainability.