The actions of 2019 and the corresponding planning for 2020 have been successfully completed.

Throughout the 23 years in which AGT has been active, every year it has tried to contribute to society through actions that concerned our fellow humans most in need. In this context, and in 2019, it completed the Life Projects program by supporting specific foundations and non-profit organizations.

Last spring, AGT organized “Engineering Days,” a special workshop for college students. Participants had the opportunity to attend 8 lectures by specialized AGT executives and learn about market requirements and international standards projects, bringing Industrial, Commercial Engineering and Facility Management to a practical level.

In the days of the Easter season, AGT went on to buy a series of  coupons, distributing supermarket gift vouchers to our survivors. At the same time, company representatives offered volunteer work distributing food in collaboration with Emfasis people.

In addition, the company continued its pro-bono collaboration with the Hatzipaterio Foundation, contributing to its work to support and rehabilitate children with disabilities. AGT has overseen and maintained the buildings throughout the Foundation’s premises, thereby improving the living conditions of the children during their stay at the Center.

At the same time,  AGT Group and its people continued their internal recycling activities in 2019 as well. The initiative continued for the 12th year and is a minimal contribution to the company’s environmental awareness. Materials such as paper, lamps and all kinds of plastic were recycled from its seats. It is estimated that last year the company reduced its environmental footprint by 15%

In 2019, AGT sponsored the “Love Baskets” charity basketball tournament with the ASETH, supporting the special school for children with autism.

Finally, the company regularly provided essentials to homeless, refugee and needy families, as needed.

AGT’s “LifeProjects” are an integral part of the company’s philosophy, following the fundamental values and principles of social offering that have governed the Group since its inception until today. The Corporate Social Responsibility program continues in 2020, with actions to be completed and announced within the year.