In a sector of  high requirements such as the Industrial Engineering,

which is constantly evolving and adapting to technological progress,

AGT Group stands out for its services

the high level of know-how, expertise as well as the capacity

to undertake projects in international dispersal,

while guaranteeing proper operation and maximum efficiency

of the industrial units with the delivery of the project

as it is fully committed to quality and timetables.



With a high industrial engineering profile  composed

with over 20 years of experience, AGT,

has carried out projects such as production line assembly & installation,

substations installations & expansions, interconnections,

high access lift exhaust chute repairs etc

both within Greece and a large volume abroad on behalf of

leading multinational companies in the fields of packaging & food,

while it has top experience in Total Facility Management & 3rd Parties Activities.




Understanding in-depth customer needs for unified procedures

and a provider expertized and trusted for all the facility requirements

in combination with the continuous development of the Group & the creation of innovative

services  managed by the responsible R&D dpt, contributed to the synthesis

of total customer support solutions and day to day operations through innovative

Industrial Total Facility Management and Support Services Contract models.




The excellence of services is certified by the result and satisfaction

the long-standing multinational customers of the Group as well as the success cases

in the history of the Group , with some of them acting as case studies

on which clients were based on for the operation of their facilities.




AGT operates in a fully accredited quality environment

and applies all modern safety standards to work

to ensure the safety of our customers and employees

while being fully committed to maintaining the latest safe operation techniques

through consecutive seminars to its technical staff.




Our services in the industrial sector include  indicatively:


Engineering Projects

  • Turn – Key Projects
  •  Production line assembly & installation
  •     Substations & Interconnections
  •     Electromechanical installations
  •     Civil Engineering Projects
  •     Piping & Ducting
  •     Water & Sewerage networks


Operations Services

  • Total Facility Management
  •     Hard Services
  •     Soft Services
  •     3rd Parties Activities
  •     Compliance Services
  •     Security & Communications Systems
  •     Fire Safety
  •     Landscaping


For a complete update on the services provided

and identifying the needs of your facilities,

there is a specialized department with which you can adhere to,

to provide you a customized solution resulting their research.