AGT Group, with more than 20 years of experience, has the know-how to take on  large & small scale turn-key project. The study & design department provides the most cost-effective & customized solution per customer, while expertized engineers carry out the most demanding projects whether they are hotels, resorts, villas, short-term rentals, luxury designs & smart installations,with full understanding of the customer’s needs and the provision of the best case-by-case solution with immediacy being the basic features of our results.

AGT Group complements its service package with the development and provision of AGT HOSPITALITY SUPPORT, a set of innovative services in hotels and resorts that surpass the  Greek standards.

The services are provided nationwide, 24/7, always of the same quality either in the technical or the operational field.


Numerous technical and support services are provided with either in-house staff or on-call support and monitoring from our CMMS COSWIN platform for every contract that is tailored to the needs of the customer for the best possible result and always on in accordance with the established terms of the Greek Chamber of Commerce.

Basic services include:

  • Organization, planning and supervision of preventive maintenance of installations.
  • Management of emergency call installations.
  • Visits – hotel complaints.
  • Collection of data for the publication of tenders for additional works – renovations,
  • Suggestions for plant improvement, energy saving,
  • Report compilation, KPIs calculations,
  • Renovations

It also provides preventative maintenance in air conditioning and ventilation, pumping stations, substations, medium voltage low voltage, electrical panels, E / Z, UPS, active fire protection (Fire Brigade, fire detection) and green services.

With permanent staff, where needed, it improves the visitor’s experience, tripling visits per room.