27 February 2020


The actions of 2019 and the corresponding planning for 2020 have been successfully completed. Throughout the 23 years in which AGT has been active, every year it has tried to contribute to society through actions that concerned our fellow humans most in need. In this context, and in 2019, it completed the Life Projects program […]

27 November 2019

AGT leading from ground zero

AGT Group was part of the CEO Clubs Greece Anniversary Forum titled “Leading from Ground Zero in Action” on November 14, 2019 at Hilton Athens. There, the rapporteurs were 10 senior executives from Greek and multinational organizations while a total of over 250 senior executives attended. CEO Clubs Greece offers market leaders a unique environment […]

29 October 2019

AGT partner of 10th Maintenance Forum

AGT always operates with the mission of providing superior services. To achieve this mission AGT brings expertise and constantly updated knowledge to the table. AGT stays involved with technologies, new practices, innovations and field evolution. One of the most effective ways to do so, is to actively participate in conferences and fora organized and presented […]

03 October 2019

AGT FM: 15 years of operation

Fifteen years of operation in Facility Management  by AGT, one of the strongest teams with many years of experience, high expertise and know-how in the field of Construction, Technical Solutions and FM. Realizing early on the high potential of Facility Management sector in the world market, AGT decided in 2004 to introduce these services in […]

26 September 2019

“Brands With History” award for AGT

The company was honored at this year’s brilliant ceremony of the Ecali Club’s “Brands with History 2” held on September 17 at the Club’s premises. AGT received significant recognition for its many years of successful track record and unquestionable know-how in its field.   With 22 years of experience and a consistent customer-centric approach, AGT […]

12 September 2019

Learn and Grow Strong!

AGT’s priority on human beings and offerings could not start elsewhere, but by its own staff, continuing the “Learn & Become Strong” campaign for another year. In order to highlight the importance of education and the development of the new generation, it starts with the children of its employees in whom it distributes stationery & […]

21 June 2019

AGT inspiring Hospitality

Tourism. The heavy industry of our country. The sector, which year after year keeps a record breaking over each previous one with 30.1 million tourists for 2018 and more than 700. 000 beds across the country. A characteristic feature of the industry’s growth is that the investment for the past year is estimated at around […]

15 May 2019

Active participation of AGT people in Emfasis’ actions

In the days of celebrations, the need to support our most vulnerable fellow citizens becomes more intense. AGT, in its more than 20 years of operation and all year round, attempts to offer with life projects to the most vulnerable social groups. This year, at Easter celebrations, the company’s people made sure they had even […]