Industry now requires innovation and credibility – Credibility means AGT.

Undoubtedly the industrial sector is one of the most important pillars of the economy. Each industrial unit aims at developing, upgrading its products, expanding its activities, and creating new innovative proposals.

It aims to be one step ahead of developments in the context of Continuous improvement and Industry 4.0 challenges


A strategic point is the achievement of the goal. There the criteria do not leave room for error.  They are strict and  impose top-level know-how, impeccable professional approach, years of experience, unceasing commitment and substantial responsibility.

They impose AGT Engineering & Operations Services.


The Greek company focuses on a deep understanding of the client’s needs, the thorough development of ideas and proposals, constructive dialogue and the provision of quality services.


For more than 20 years and with a high industrial engineering identity, AGT responds dynamically to challenges both at national and global level by completing projects in:


  • production line assembly & installation
  • substations installations & expansions
  • power distribution
  • Smart tech implementations
  • Interconnections
  • High access projects
  • Chute restorations


AGT has succeeded in gaining the confidence of people in the industry. It has completed high-quality projects in Greece and abroad in very demanding schedules, successfully delivering complex industrial facilities with a new production line and installing all supporting E / M equipment.

Projects requiring high know-how, attention to detail, modern project management methods, absolute precision and well-planned work plan.


This recognition and widespread acceptance by the industry is the result of systematic and sustained high-level service delivery.


AGT also maintains the same high level of safety. A non-negotiable priority for the company is its overall operation in a fully accredited quality environment, applying all modern safety standards to work.


AGT stands out as a standard company, a company of leading standards, a company that drives the developments in industrial engineering.