Who we are

With consistency and vision.


Since 1997, the year that AGT Engineering & Operations Services Group was founded, the target was clear. To provide with consistency quality services in the field of construction and Facility Management.

A vision served by the Group from the very first day till today, with absolute dedication to the needs of the customer, with flexibility and immediacy, with continuous support and response, with the search for innovative solutions, with young, well-trained partners.


Thus only you gain the trust of customers. Thus only you establish yourself as one of the most important groups in the field.


 Today, AGT Engineering & Operations Services Group provides a wide range to major companies both in Greece and abroad and has managed to “build” trustworthy relationships that resist time, as well as being the first choice, the first thought in the search for impeccable technical solutions and applications.

No matter how big the challenges are, no matter how difficult are the conditions and the demands, AGT Engineering & Operations Services Group responds with commitment and consistency. Responds with solutions!


Commited to Challenges