Undertaking of demanding projects for multinational customers in Turkey and France


The Organization establishes new offices in Western Greece, based in Patras.


Initialization of operation at Airport Services providing high level services with permanent staff and offices within Athens International Airport.

At the same time, the field of Northern Greece is transferred to the new offices in Thessaloniki.2012

Establishment to energy & environmental applications.


Expansion of the company abroad by undertaking major international projects in Cyprus and Romania.


Activation of the company in Facility Management providing a wide range of services to both hard services and soft services.


AGT managed to be one of the first companies in Greece to support major customers in the field of Technical Maintenance in just two years, covering many dispersal points and maintaining a nationwide network of partners.


In 1997 the partnership takes a corporate form and AGT is officially established.


Το 1995 ξεκινάει η συνεργασία 3 Πολιτικών Μηχανικών, του Νίκου Αναστασόπουλου, του Γιάννη Γαΐτη και του Βασίλη Τσιντικίδη.