AGT FM: 15 years of operation

Fifteen years of operation in Facility Management  by AGT, one of the strongest teams with many years of experience, high expertise and know-how in the field of Construction, Technical Solutions and FM.

Realizing early on the high potential of Facility Management sector in the world market, AGT decided in 2004 to introduce these services in Greece.

In the first instance, AGT provided contract maintenance services. But realizing the need for businesses to have a valuable partner next to them that can provide them with immediate and complete solutions, he began operating a one stop shop with service models that met all the needs of an organization, integrating the hard & soft services and was coming to introduce compliance services into a single package of services.

Since then, catering to the different needs of organizations, AGT has been designing ‘customer-centric’ service models tailored to the industry and its requirements.

The company has been recognized internationally  for its pioneering technical support, construction maintenance, modern technologies, and thus is able to integrate into its clientele organizations such as airports, hotels, industries, banking institutions, telecommunications and retail stores etc.