Two values, two principles. Quality & Safety

AGT is a Greek company specializing in Engineering Projects, Facility Management, Security & Protection Systems, Energy & Environmental, Special Process Projects and Studies & Design.

True to its 10-year development plan, it undertakes in particular projects that, in addition to significant sales growth, have added experience in high-quality projects and mainly know-how in the organization and management of demanding and complex projects.

The current trends in energy-saving solutions, special and specialized tasks with demanding implementation times, have found AGT ready for infrastructure, organization and human resources.

Two values, two principles that the AGT Engineering & Operations Group firmly applies to all its services and operations, are Quality and Safety, Non-negotiable elements of its business operation.

AGT has a fully qualified Quality & Safety Dept. responsible for the control and coordination of security and quality procedures.

With constant partnerships with recognized security technicians, he constantly ensures that he is equipped with the most modern security equipment and applies the most stringent specifications to all projects.

Investing in continuous and recurrent training of the Group’s scientific and technical staff and its associates is highly relevant.

All projects are insured in well-known Insurance Companies with an Open Cover contract.

In particular, the Group has been continuously certified by ISO 9001 / Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 / Environmental Safety Management Systems and OHSAS 1800 / Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

It is one of the most award-winning companies in the field of Facility Management with awards for Flexibility, Quality of Work, Innovation and Hospitality Support.

The company has established the innovative C.C.C. – Customer Contact Coordinator, that is to say, through its senior executives, the inspection and responsibility for each project, from the first meetings to the last follow up after the delivery of the project, to ensure that all services are delivered in full.

An important element of development is the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Model, in which the group is committed to being self-assessing and improving continuously.

The operation of CMMS Coswin platform, concerns all workforce personnel. Through this it is monitored on a 24-hour basis in the total work of each project.

Employees training

Employees receive continuous training, equipment, procedures, improvement techniques, and periodically evaluated by both the company and customers.

They attend numerous seminars on safety and quality issues such as:

-Working of sensitive and non-equipment

-Identification of unacceptable situations and their causes

-Quality control

– Requirements for European and national legislation on the implementation of health measures on construction sites

-Development of risk analysis methods & risk reduction actions

– Managing individual and group worksite safety

-First aid

-Safe & innovative method of cutting & welding


There is an open budget without any cost-per-project cost / contract for the measures and the required safety and health procedures during the work

Whistle blowing policy on security issues to keep the administration informed

Recurring security seminars, shared and separate for project manager and workforce

Monthly CPIs are developed to improve security performance

Quality & Safety Dept. equips staff with all PPE in accordance with European and international standards (EN ISO 13688, EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 13287)

SOY FAI & Risk Assessments are compiled for each project / contract

In addition, a Safety Officer is provided by a certified operator until the end of the work and a Doctor of Labor for all company personnel.

The effectiveness of AGT is summarized in 4 ingredients:

-Stability and consistency in customer support.

– Flexibility, tailored to project needs and financial costs.

-Faster and credible project execution.

-High Level of Know-how of its Executives.

AGT Engineering & Operations Services is considered one of the most trusted companies in the industry and the fastest growing.