12 September 2019

Learn and Grow Strong!

AGT’s priority on human beings and offerings could not start elsewhere, but by its own staff, continuing the “Learn & Become Strong” campaign for another year. In order to highlight the importance of education and the development of the new generation, it starts with the children of its employees in whom it distributes stationery & […]

21 June 2019

AGT inspiring Hospitality

Tourism. The heavy industry of our country. The sector, which year after year keeps a record breaking over each previous one with 30.1 million tourists for 2018 and more than 700. 000 beds across the country. A characteristic feature of the industry’s growth is that the investment for the past year is estimated at around […]

15 May 2019

Active participation of AGT people in Emfasis’ actions

In the days of celebrations, the need to support our most vulnerable fellow citizens becomes more intense. AGT, in its more than 20 years of operation and all year round, attempts to offer with life projects to the most vulnerable social groups. This year, at Easter celebrations, the company’s people made sure they had even […]

30 April 2019

Engineering Days by AGT

AGT close to students with life projects.   At a time when the connection of higher education with entrepreneurship and the market is a constant demand, AGT organized the “Engineering Days”, a special day for the students of the Technical University. The participants had the opportunity to perceive in practice the modern requirements of large […]

17 April 2019

AGT with Life Projects next to society

AGT’s Corporate Social Responsibility actions form an integral part of its culture and philosophy Contributing to the progress and welfare of society is one of AGT Group’s core values and principles that, from its foundation until today, continues to actively support “Life Projects” by foundations and charities.   In this context, the AGT Group continues […]

12 April 2019

Innovation and credibility for industry

The top leaders and pioneers of the country speak at Euro2Day that in a combined action with the New York Times for the first time in Greece they transfer the market’s pulse and the know-how of the leading executives. Interview with Mr. Anastasopoulos in full development. In what areas of construction or facility management do […]

18 February 2019

Industry now requires innovation and credibility – Credibility means AGT.

Undoubtedly the industrial sector is one of the most important pillars of the economy. Each industrial unit aims at developing, upgrading its products, expanding its activities, and creating new innovative proposals. It aims to be one step ahead of developments in the context of Continuous improvement and Industry 4.0 challenges   A strategic point is […]

06 November 2018

AGT actively supports innovation and art at the 6th Athens Biennale 2018

With exceptional enthusiasm and in the context of its corporate engagement,  AGT Group  participated this year as a sponsor in the remodeling of the premises which houses the largest international art event of modern culture in the country, the 6th Athens Biennale. The 6th Athens Biennale, titled “ANTI”, goes one step further, pioneering even more, […]