Detection systems are divided into four categories,

fire detection systems,

an alarm system that receives, evaluates data & then responds to events

reported by various fire detectors. Fire detection systems, manually and

automatically, are permanently installed to detect fires at an early stage,

alert the affected and quickly inform the emergency department.

intrusion detection systems,

In addition to intruders, they can be configured to detect an open window

or any other disruption that may endanger property or staff.

The Intrusion Detection Center automatically reports the incident by alerting

a security company or sending a message to someone responsible.

With intrusion detection systems linked to video surveillance and access control,

full data of an incident can be produced, for example, to solve the problem.

water inflow systems

specially designed for detecting water inlet provides a reliable solution

for detecting the presence of liquids. The liquid detection switches can be

connected directly to the central alarm unit. The sensors offer excellent

reliability even when operating under difficult conditions.

and fixed gas systems

A stable gas detection system permanently monitors the working environment

for potential gas hazards, ensuring maximum safety. Even the smallest gas leak

will trigger an alarm to allow action.All systems offer 24/7 technical service,

either remotely or on-site.