Engineering Days by AGT

AGT close to students with life projects.


At a time when the connection of higher education with entrepreneurship and the market is a constant demand, AGT organized the “Engineering Days”, a special day for the students of the Technical University.

The participants had the opportunity to perceive in practice the modern requirements of large industrial projects and to approach Industrial Engineering and Facility Management on a practical level. At the same time they were informed of the management of special projects (eg airports) while having the opportunity to understand the requirements of the market by a junior engineer.

At the same time AGT listened to the students’ concerns about their future and their first work steps. Given the company’s awareness of the braindrain phenomenon, the International Development Director presented among other things the opportunities and prospects for development in the Greek market. The students attended a total of eight lectures by specialized AGT executives and received a monitoring certificate.

“We have the pleasure of organizing AGT Engineering Days for the first time. Our experience shows that these seminars help young engineers to understand the market demands and at the same time help to gain a better picture of our work in view of decisions they are made to take for their specialization in the future and their postgraduate studies. Knowing the everyday life of our site is a prerequisite for us to make the right decisions, “said AGT Constructions Technical Director, Mr. Frangiskos Dromponis.