Our Values

Steady & Timeless

AGT’s fundamental philosophy is to provide measurable results for customers in terms of saving resources and quality of services.

These achievements were recognized and attributed to the Facility Management Awards, but mainly established in our customer consciousness and lead to long-term partnerships.

In order to reach that level of distinction, it takes diligence and consistency at the times of project development, continuous monitoring by people with know-how – we assign the supervision of projects only to Engineering-internal control procedures and stable management with determination


The features that stand out for AGT are:

  1. Stable, consistent and robust customer support.
  2. Flexibility in finding an ideal solution tailored to both project needs and financial costs.
  3. Speed, because “time is money”.


The combination of those features has highlighted AGT Engineering and Operations Services as one of the most trusted companies in the industry and certainly the fastest growing.


We as AGT,

  • We provide high quality services
  • We fully respect our contractual obligations
  • We adapt to customer needs
  • We invest in long-term trust relationships
  • We cultivate a spirit of co-operation and teamwork
  • We contribute to the community
  • We respect the environment