AGT Constructions SA upgrades the Contractor’s Certificate

We are pleased to inform you that AGT Constructions SA has upgraded its contractor’s certificate to 4th Class based on long-term experience and its capital adequacy ratio. This certifying our continuous development in the Greek market. Our total financial limits have been increased and have the opportunity to claim even larger projects in public tenders, per category and overall.

AGT leading from ground zero

AGT Group was part of the CEO Clubs Greece Anniversary Forum titled “Leading from Ground Zero in Action” on November 14, 2019 at Hilton Athens.

There, the rapporteurs were 10 senior executives from Greek and multinational organizations while a total of over 250 senior executives attended.

CEO Clubs Greece offers market leaders a unique environment of knowledge and collaboration that improves the quality and profitability of their companies, and its anniversary forum has delivered a strong message of loyalty, professionalism and optimism for the next 10 years of Greek entrepreneurship.


Nikos Anastassopoulos, CEO, was honored with an  invitation as rapporteur at the CEO Clubs Greece Anniversary Forum, recognizing the need to share his own overview of the last decade in Greece with CEOs Clubs Greece members and senior executives forming Greek business.

His speech recounted the biggest personal and professional challenges and successes that helped him secure the viability of his company during the biggest recession Greece has faced in its recent history.


“Our company on a very big project was very ahead of schedule, while the other companies that were on the same project were lagging behind.

The American Head Project Manager then asked us to contribute to several parts of the other contractors and when he saw that other companies were lagging behind, he was shouting loudly ‘Bring me the Greeks’ throughout the  factory.

This “Bring me the Greeks” has given us the pride and hope that we all so desperately need today. When we also bring ‘Bring me the Greeks’ inside borders, then we have nothing to fear. “

Mr Anastassopoulos also spoke about the importance of his current success, focusing on the continuing uncertainty in business planning and the overall effort needed to manage such a situation over the past decade.

In particular, he said in his memoir: “When a very good customer of ours told me why AGT stands out from the rest of the market, then I realized that what I was looking for was our company already. We will build on our foundations, at GROUND ZERO. So, we decided and focused on the customer because our goal was and is to build long-lasting trust relationships with our customers. To be with them all the time and support their needs as small or big as they are. ”

AGT partner of 10th Maintenance Forum

AGT always operates with the mission of providing superior services.

To achieve this mission AGT brings expertise and constantly updated knowledge to the table.

AGT stays involved with technologies, new practices, innovations and field evolution.

One of the most effective ways to do so, is to actively participate in conferences and fora organized and presented by the top executives and academics.

Once more, as one of the first members of Hellenic Maintenance Society (HMS),

we were proud partners at the 13th Maintenance Forum, where we learned and shared knowledge with highly esteemed members of the field.

We want to thank Boussias Communications for the excellent organization.

AGT inspiring Hospitality

Tourism. The heavy industry of our country. The sector, which year after year keeps a record breaking over each previous one with 30.1 million tourists for 2018 and more than 700. 000 beds across the country. A characteristic feature of the industry’s growth is that the investment for the past year is estimated at around 5 billion with an increase of 47%.


AGT Engineering & Operations Services Group, with more than 20 years of experience, has successfully undertaken and implemented important projects in the hospitality sector. It is positioned next to each tourist property owner and every hotel business, to create together the ideal and most appealing space of hospitality.


As every part of our country has its uniqueness, so unique and personalized are the solutions offered by the AGT Group in every project. Whether it is a listed building in the center of a city, whether it is a modern hotel complex, AGT, with a n expert look, approaches the particular needs of every occasion in order to highlight the building and deliver to the owner a separate tourist property with the perfectly professional way.

Top domestic and multinational hotel groups have trusted AGT services both at the manufacturing level and at the level of improvement and maintenance of their facilities. The quality of work, immediacy and security are the key elements that make AGT the first choice. Especially in the field of security, the Group has taken the strategic decision to cooperate with the most trusted insurance organizations to insure the projects it undertakes. However, an additional parameter to which AGT attaches great importance is the  unhindered smooth operation of the tourist unit even when the work is in progress. In this way, AGT responds with professionalism and respect to a real need of tourist entrepreneurs.



The Group is well aware that tourism is the engine of the economy. He also knows all the specifics of the space and his high demands and with the appropriate know-how he responds directly to:



✓ Innovative and quality services with Tailor made proposals and solutions.

✓ Project management with consistency, accuracy and safety by experienced and highly trained engineers.

✓ Experienced experience in construction, refurbishment and fit out operations.

✓ Panhellenic cover with staff offices.

✓ Services that have received significant distinctions and awards.

✓ Comprehensive collaborations with leading hotel groups.

✓ After sales support through the AGT Hospitality Support model.

AGT has been able to build trust with its clients by offering a wide range of services that have received significant distinctions and awards from major  competitions such as Tourism awards and FM awards.

Active participation of AGT people in Emfasis’ actions

In the days of celebrations, the need to support our most vulnerable fellow citizens becomes more intense. AGT, in its more than 20 years of operation and all year round, attempts to offer with life projects to the most vulnerable social groups.

This year, at Easter celebrations, the company’s people made sure they had even more active participation. The management of the company proceeded to purchase a series of coupons from the NGO Emfasis to help support the most vulnerable for targeted and more effective actions. Gift vouchers were distributed to people with survival needs, more specifically 60% for vulnerable elderly people, 20% for families with survival problems, 10% for street people and 10% for single parent families.

At the same time, six representatives of the company offered volunteer work during the distribution of the respective supplies together with the people of Emfasis.
During this year’s action, assistance was provided mainly to our vulnerable elderly fellow citizens, but also to homeless and single-parent families. Special support was provided to vulnerable and socially excluded families with children contributing to the facilitation of their daily lives.

After all, AGT has been attempting to return a portion of its revenue to society and especially to the most vulnerable people, or to provide its services free of charge to organizations supporting weak social groups. This year, AGT’s people also helped to assist with their presence and their voluntary work in helping with targeted Emfasis actions.

Engineering Days by AGT

AGT close to students with life projects.


At a time when the connection of higher education with entrepreneurship and the market is a constant demand, AGT organized the “Engineering Days”, a special day for the students of the Technical University.

The participants had the opportunity to perceive in practice the modern requirements of large industrial projects and to approach Industrial Engineering and Facility Management on a practical level. At the same time they were informed of the management of special projects (eg airports) while having the opportunity to understand the requirements of the market by a junior engineer.

At the same time AGT listened to the students’ concerns about their future and their first work steps. Given the company’s awareness of the braindrain phenomenon, the International Development Director presented among other things the opportunities and prospects for development in the Greek market. The students attended a total of eight lectures by specialized AGT executives and received a monitoring certificate.

“We have the pleasure of organizing AGT Engineering Days for the first time. Our experience shows that these seminars help young engineers to understand the market demands and at the same time help to gain a better picture of our work in view of decisions they are made to take for their specialization in the future and their postgraduate studies. Knowing the everyday life of our site is a prerequisite for us to make the right decisions, “said AGT Constructions Technical Director, Mr. Frangiskos Dromponis.

Industry now requires innovation and credibility – Credibility means AGT.

Undoubtedly the industrial sector is one of the most important pillars of the economy. Each industrial unit aims at developing, upgrading its products, expanding its activities, and creating new innovative proposals.

It aims to be one step ahead of developments in the context of Continuous improvement and Industry 4.0 challenges


A strategic point is the achievement of the goal. There the criteria do not leave room for error.  They are strict and  impose top-level know-how, impeccable professional approach, years of experience, unceasing commitment and substantial responsibility.

They impose AGT Engineering & Operations Services.


The Greek company focuses on a deep understanding of the client’s needs, the thorough development of ideas and proposals, constructive dialogue and the provision of quality services.


For more than 20 years and with a high industrial engineering identity, AGT responds dynamically to challenges both at national and global level by completing projects in:


  • production line assembly & installation
  • substations installations & expansions
  • power distribution
  • Smart tech implementations
  • Interconnections
  • High access projects
  • Chute restorations


AGT has succeeded in gaining the confidence of people in the industry. It has completed high-quality projects in Greece and abroad in very demanding schedules, successfully delivering complex industrial facilities with a new production line and installing all supporting E / M equipment.

Projects requiring high know-how, attention to detail, modern project management methods, absolute precision and well-planned work plan.


This recognition and widespread acceptance by the industry is the result of systematic and sustained high-level service delivery.


AGT also maintains the same high level of safety. A non-negotiable priority for the company is its overall operation in a fully accredited quality environment, applying all modern safety standards to work.


AGT stands out as a standard company, a company of leading standards, a company that drives the developments in industrial engineering.

AGT actively supports innovation and art at the 6th Athens Biennale 2018

With exceptional enthusiasm and in the context of its corporate engagement,

 AGT Group  participated this year as a sponsor in the remodeling of the premises

which houses the largest international art event of modern culture

in the country, the 6th Athens Biennale.

The 6th Athens Biennale, titled “ANTI”, goes one step further,

pioneering even more, experimenting, giving a new breath and hope

and is undoubtedly the greatest artistic event of modern civilization.

From October 26 to December 9, 2018,

the large-scale international exhibition with the participation of about 100 artists

from Greece and abroad, has been established

– with the participation and specialization of AGT –

in the area around the Old Parliament, in Syntagma Square.

AGT Engineering & Operations Services chose to support this year’s excibition

with the aim of pioneering in showing proactively the need for enterprises to innovate

and to upgrade the environment in which they operate.

After all, culture remains a key factor in evolution and a source of inspiration for innovation.

AGT’s strategic partnership with the SABO Group

AGT Group announces its strategic partnership with the SABO group, which specializes in the construction of complete factories and machinery for the ceramics, while at the same time operating in various industrial sectors.

At the same time, SABO provides specialized automation and robotics systems for the handling and packaging of products, electrical engineering and industrial automation as well as in the field of environmental applications, providing customized solutions for equipment and integrated lines for solid waste management.

SABO’s expertise in robotic technologies combined with AGT’s advanced know-how in complex projects will meet the most demanding specifications of modern projects in Greece and abroad. This new AGT collaboration demonstrates the company’s dedication to innovation and specialized solutions under the most demanding conditions.

Together, the two companies provide a complete service package in the industrial sector for turn-key industrial projects – from “flat level” to the delivery of complete production lines.

With the fourth industrial revolution having made its presence visible in our everyday life, AGT’s collaboration with SABO ensures the complete solution with guaranteed results in terms of efficiency, time and security, finding the Groups ready for infrastructure with specialized executives and high know-how that meets the requirements of the most demanding industrial projects in Greece and abroad.


AGT present in top events of Greece and Europe

The presence of AGT and its participation in this year’s Economist’s 22nd Roundtable was another example of the company’s philosophy of supporting the dialogue with the aim of developing modern policies for the Greek economy and better business conditions in the market.
AGT contributes and will continue to contribute in the most effective way in this direction by participating in the biggest international events related to its field of activity. In June 2018, AGT also took part in the 26th European Facility Management Conference, one of the leading conferences, which took place this year in Sofia (05-08 June).
Since September, AGT has planned to take part in a series of conferences in Greece and abroad, where it will present all of its services, including the popular “minor works”  that covers all day-to-day projects of a business, integrating them into a management model. This results in considerable cost saving & time efffectiveness concerning procedures, approvals and man-hours.
AGT has a presence where the market pulsates and, of course, where the developments in the field are shaped.