AGT actively supports innovation and art at the 6th Athens Biennale 2018

With exceptional enthusiasm and in the context of its corporate engagement,

 AGT Group  participated this year as a sponsor in the remodeling of the premises

which houses the largest international art event of modern culture

in the country, the 6th Athens Biennale.

The 6th Athens Biennale, titled “ANTI”, goes one step further,

pioneering even more, experimenting, giving a new breath and hope

and is undoubtedly the greatest artistic event of modern civilization.

From October 26 to December 9, 2018,

the large-scale international exhibition with the participation of about 100 artists

from Greece and abroad, has been established

– with the participation and specialization of AGT –

in the area around the Old Parliament, in Syntagma Square.

AGT Engineering & Operations Services chose to support this year’s excibition

with the aim of pioneering in showing proactively the need for enterprises to innovate

and to upgrade the environment in which they operate.

After all, culture remains a key factor in evolution and a source of inspiration for innovation.

AGT’s strategic partnership with the SABO Group

AGT Group announces its strategic partnership with the SABO group, which specializes in the construction of complete factories and machinery for the ceramics, while at the same time operating in various industrial sectors.

At the same time, SABO provides specialized automation and robotics systems for the handling and packaging of products, electrical engineering and industrial automation as well as in the field of environmental applications, providing customized solutions for equipment and integrated lines for solid waste management.

SABO’s expertise in robotic technologies combined with AGT’s advanced know-how in complex projects will meet the most demanding specifications of modern projects in Greece and abroad. This new AGT collaboration demonstrates the company’s dedication to innovation and specialized solutions under the most demanding conditions.

Together, the two companies provide a complete service package in the industrial sector for turn-key industrial projects – from “flat level” to the delivery of complete production lines.

With the fourth industrial revolution having made its presence visible in our everyday life, AGT’s collaboration with SABO ensures the complete solution with guaranteed results in terms of efficiency, time and security, finding the Groups ready for infrastructure with specialized executives and high know-how that meets the requirements of the most demanding industrial projects in Greece and abroad.



It is with great pleasure as a part of its responsible corporate engagement,

that AGT announces the renewal of its partnership with the Hadjipaterion Foundation (IKE),

which will continue to sponsor for the 8th consecutive year.

AGT has undertaken the supervision and maintenance of the Foundation’s buildings

in the area of ​​Metamorphosis. It concerns all its installations

(electrical, plumbing, building, heating, air-conditioning, fire-fighting).

AGT’s intention to continue to provide its services to Hatzipaterion

was announced by Chief Executive Officer Nikos Anastassopoulos.


“Our joint venture with the Hadjipaterion Foundation goes beyond the narrow

limits of a corporate social responsibility initiative.

For eight years now, AGT’s people have been trying to help effectively

in the work of the Foundation to support children with special skills.

We are proud of this cooperation and we wish in the future

to celebrate even more milestones such as the 8 year old, “


“We are happy because AGT’s cooperation with Hatzipaterion has made tremendous

advances in our children’s daily lives during their stay at the Center

as well as in the everyday life of their employees.

We are looking forward to continue the cooperation with AGT and Hatzipaterion

for many years and we hope for an even closer relationship between us, “


said the president of the John N. Hadjipateras Foundation.

AGT present in top events of Greece and Europe

The presence of AGT and its participation in this year’s Economist’s 22nd Roundtable was another example of the company’s philosophy of supporting the dialogue with the aim of developing modern policies for the Greek economy and better business conditions in the market.
AGT contributes and will continue to contribute in the most effective way in this direction by participating in the biggest international events related to its field of activity. In June 2018, AGT also took part in the 26th European Facility Management Conference, one of the leading conferences, which took place this year in Sofia (05-08 June).
Since September, AGT has planned to take part in a series of conferences in Greece and abroad, where it will present all of its services, including the popular “minor works”  that covers all day-to-day projects of a business, integrating them into a management model. This results in considerable cost saving & time efffectiveness concerning procedures, approvals and man-hours.
AGT has a presence where the market pulsates and, of course, where the developments in the field are shaped.

New project for AGT in Northern Italy

AGT is pursuing its development strategy within and outside of Greece.
In the framework of strengthening its activities abroad, the company undertook the construction of a production unit of 14,000 square meters on behalf of a multinational customer in northern Italy.
For reasons of confidentiality, AGT does not proceed with the announcement of his name until he proceeds with the notice.
It is a project of high requirements in terms of time, safety & expertise, to be completed by 2018 and includes a production line assembly, piping, ducting, electrical, substations and interconnections.
The total project budget is € 2.5 million.

“AGT’s new collaboration outside of Greece demonstrates once again its high expertise in specialized electromechanical installations. AGT is committed to maintaining consistently high standards throughout its operations, ensuring top quality and faithful delivery of its facilities. At the same time, it remains competitive and consistently consistent with the delivery times of its projects, responding to extremely tight schedules whenever required, ”

AGT Chief Executive Nicos Anastassopoulos said on the occasion of the project’s takeover.

Two values, two principles. Quality & Safety

AGT is a Greek company specializing in Engineering Projects, Facility Management, Security & Protection Systems, Energy & Environmental, Special Process Projects and Studies & Design.

True to its 10-year development plan, it undertakes in particular projects that, in addition to significant sales growth, have added experience in high-quality projects and mainly know-how in the organization and management of demanding and complex projects.

The current trends in energy-saving solutions, special and specialized tasks with demanding implementation times, have found AGT ready for infrastructure, organization and human resources.

Two values, two principles that the AGT Engineering & Operations Group firmly applies to all its services and operations, are Quality and Safety, Non-negotiable elements of its business operation.

AGT has a fully qualified Quality & Safety Dept. responsible for the control and coordination of security and quality procedures.

With constant partnerships with recognized security technicians, he constantly ensures that he is equipped with the most modern security equipment and applies the most stringent specifications to all projects.

Investing in continuous and recurrent training of the Group’s scientific and technical staff and its associates is highly relevant.

All projects are insured in well-known Insurance Companies with an Open Cover contract.

In particular, the Group has been continuously certified by ISO 9001 / Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 / Environmental Safety Management Systems and OHSAS 1800 / Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

It is one of the most award-winning companies in the field of Facility Management with awards for Flexibility, Quality of Work, Innovation and Hospitality Support.

The company has established the innovative C.C.C. – Customer Contact Coordinator, that is to say, through its senior executives, the inspection and responsibility for each project, from the first meetings to the last follow up after the delivery of the project, to ensure that all services are delivered in full.

An important element of development is the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Model, in which the group is committed to being self-assessing and improving continuously.

The operation of CMMS Coswin platform, concerns all workforce personnel. Through this it is monitored on a 24-hour basis in the total work of each project.

Employees training

Employees receive continuous training, equipment, procedures, improvement techniques, and periodically evaluated by both the company and customers.

They attend numerous seminars on safety and quality issues such as:

-Working of sensitive and non-equipment

-Identification of unacceptable situations and their causes

-Quality control

– Requirements for European and national legislation on the implementation of health measures on construction sites

-Development of risk analysis methods & risk reduction actions

– Managing individual and group worksite safety

-First aid

-Safe & innovative method of cutting & welding


There is an open budget without any cost-per-project cost / contract for the measures and the required safety and health procedures during the work

Whistle blowing policy on security issues to keep the administration informed

Recurring security seminars, shared and separate for project manager and workforce

Monthly CPIs are developed to improve security performance

Quality & Safety Dept. equips staff with all PPE in accordance with European and international standards (EN ISO 13688, EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 13287)

SOY FAI & Risk Assessments are compiled for each project / contract

In addition, a Safety Officer is provided by a certified operator until the end of the work and a Doctor of Labor for all company personnel.

The effectiveness of AGT is summarized in 4 ingredients:

-Stability and consistency in customer support.

– Flexibility, tailored to project needs and financial costs.

-Faster and credible project execution.

-High Level of Know-how of its Executives.

AGT Engineering & Operations Services is considered one of the most trusted companies in the industry and the fastest growing.

AGT: “Rapidly Growing and Abroad”

AGT is a Greek company specializing in Engineering Projects, Facility Management, Security & Protection Systems, Energy & Environmental, Special Process Projects and Studies & Design.

True to the 10-year development plan, it has already done its expansion abroad, especially by taking on projects that, in addition to significant sales growth, have added experience from high-end projects.

The current trends in energy-saving solutions, special and specialized tasks with demanding implementation times, have found AGT ready for infrastructure, organization and human resources.

The company’s high-level capabilities were confirmed by the very large volume of complex projects undertaken and carried out in full in 2017.

AGT is one of the few companies in the industry, which has a positive sign in its effects even after 2007.

Its goal, the measurable results (KPI’s) for customers, both at the level of savings and the quality of the services they enjoy, is constantly rewarded with Facility Management Awards and Tourism Awards, while remaining a company with extremely high customer loyalty .

The average time of affiliated companies is already 10+ years.


AGT: "Rapidly Growing and Abroad"

The explosive growth of the company in 2017 indicates the following indicative figures:

    73 service sectors that are active at the same time. From Technical Maintenance, Design Studies, Help Desks, Packaging Sorting, Special Cleaning, Focus, up to Studies & Design, 24/7 Support Services, Energy Efficiencies etc
110,000 work orders are served in full and on time.
120% increase in turnover
40% increase in staff in 2017.
Add Compliance Services, Soft Services (Security, Pest control, gardening).
Expansion with a new company and offices in Cyprus. Activity with projects in Turkey, France, Spain and is already being prepared in Italy,

with Zero Losses per Contract, proof of the effectiveness of executives, infrastructure and organization.


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AGT contributes to the upgrade of A.I.A.

AGT Constructions won the international open competition for the full aesthetic & functional upgrading of W.C. complex of the International Airport of Athens.


Our many years of experience in fit-out projects of high standards and functional requirements have ranked us among the top market players.

Work is always carried out on the basis of the highest standards set by the relevant Greek & European bodies.

Airports are a very demanding sector and partners have to meet their constant and big needs, to their high standards and with immediate effectiveness.

The high quality of the Group’s services in the sector is certified daily by AIA. therefore  AGT’s Airport Services group has been on a permanent basis within the airport for over 9 consecutive years.


A collaboration that is indicative of the specialized services and high standards of the Group, which is sealed with work through contracts and solutions through high-demand projects in space and passenger.

The ideal combination of experience and specialized knowledge sources offers solutions across the entire spectrum of airport control and support services.




Ethniki Leasing also chooses AGT Total FM


AGT F.M. undertook the support of the National Leasing building in Maroussi for two years through its innovative model, AGT TOTAL FM.


The contract covers the full technical support of the installations and the equipment they carry,

Preventive & Invasive Level, as well as the full range of Soft Services,

such as guarding, cleaning, landscaping, rooting, management of shared expenses, etc.


At AGT, we understand the modern need of businesses to have a valuable partner beside them

that can provide them with immediate and integrated solutions regarding the facilities and the supportive needs of their day-to-day operations.

Building on our know-how, we have created and provided a single set of services designed and tailored to the specific needs of each customer, AGT TOTAL FM.


AGT Pie Cutting 2018

A successful year has passed and in its place comes an even brighter, opening the third decade of operation of AGT.

Cutting the pie was an opportunity for our big family from all over Greece & abroad where we are working,

to gather at the award-winning TIN PAN ALLEY.

An evening of joy and fellowship where after the speeches & awards that took place  laughter and dance dominated,

while we all shared our vision and renewed our commitment to providing high quality services with our distinctive dedication to our customers.

You may see the video of the evening here.