AGT actively supports innovation and art at the 6th Athens Biennale 2018

With exceptional enthusiasm and in the context of its corporate engagement,

 AGT Group  participated this year as a sponsor in the remodeling of the premises

which houses the largest international art event of modern culture

in the country, the 6th Athens Biennale.

The 6th Athens Biennale, titled “ANTI”, goes one step further,

pioneering even more, experimenting, giving a new breath and hope

and is undoubtedly the greatest artistic event of modern civilization.

From October 26 to December 9, 2018,

the large-scale international exhibition with the participation of about 100 artists

from Greece and abroad, has been established

– with the participation and specialization of AGT –

in the area around the Old Parliament, in Syntagma Square.

AGT Engineering & Operations Services chose to support this year’s excibition

with the aim of pioneering in showing proactively the need for enterprises to innovate

and to upgrade the environment in which they operate.

After all, culture remains a key factor in evolution and a source of inspiration for innovation.

AGT’s strategic partnership with the SABO Group

AGT Group announces its strategic partnership with the SABO group, which specializes in the construction of complete factories and machinery for the ceramics, while at the same time operating in various industrial sectors.

At the same time, SABO provides specialized automation and robotics systems for the handling and packaging of products, electrical engineering and industrial automation as well as in the field of environmental applications, providing customized solutions for equipment and integrated lines for solid waste management.

SABO’s expertise in robotic technologies combined with AGT’s advanced know-how in complex projects will meet the most demanding specifications of modern projects in Greece and abroad. This new AGT collaboration demonstrates the company’s dedication to innovation and specialized solutions under the most demanding conditions.

Together, the two companies provide a complete service package in the industrial sector for turn-key industrial projects – from “flat level” to the delivery of complete production lines.

With the fourth industrial revolution having made its presence visible in our everyday life, AGT’s collaboration with SABO ensures the complete solution with guaranteed results in terms of efficiency, time and security, finding the Groups ready for infrastructure with specialized executives and high know-how that meets the requirements of the most demanding industrial projects in Greece and abroad.


The 4th Industrial Revolution gives usTomorrow. AGT: “Brings the know-how of tomorrow, today”

Developments in the industry are rapid. Unstoppable.

They constantly bring new data and overturn what has been considered to be modern and pioneering to date.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are the main pillars where the 4th Industrial Revolution will “launch” its dynamic presence.

Also, ensuring continuous improvement in production units is becoming a one-way street for all those who aim at positive signs in efficiency figures.

But the key word when you are in the face of a revolution is choice.

Who will be your partner to help you take advantage of developments?

Who provides the guarantees to see the future from the position of the leader?

Who offers measurable results in terms of cost and quality of excellence?

The one who welcomes everything that brings the revolution.

The one who does not expect the future to come but invites and provokes it.


AGT has been established  as a top choice because it has a tomorrow in its philosophy!

It is constantly looking for the new one. The innovative. Effective.

Beacause how can you look at tomorrow if today you do not offer high expertise, absolute specialization and commitment to what you promise?

AGT today, thanks to its long experience, top expertise, highly educated executives and professional consistency,

AGT has gained the trust of leading companies, both in Greece and abroad.

It has responded successfully to challenging and complex projects.


It has delivered promptly and responsibly ideal solutions starting from the complete construction of the industrial unit, the integrated development of the production line up to individual installations, perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer. Such as: civil works, EM installations, ducting & piping, substations, interconnections, production line assembly.


It  has undertaken many industrial engineering projects with outstanding results on behalf of companies based in Greece or abroad in the fields of packaging and food.


It has conquered Total Facility Management and Third Parties Activities in the industrial sector offering impeccable services in immediate time.    


It has developed innovative Industrial Total Facility Management models and Support services contracts, following modern global successful practices in industrial maintenance & operations.  


AGT has secured partnerships with leading equipment and materials providers in the World.


It has been certified for its services by: ISO 14001: 2009 & 9001: 2008 OHSAS 18001: 2007


The focus of its attention is security. Each project, each service follows the most stringent rules.


In the fields of construction, industrial engineering, facility management, studies & design, security & protection systems, energy & environmental solutions, special process projects and 24/7 support services, AGT has established itself as the first choice.  


AGT is the Greek company that does not stay in the data, but it pursues 24/7 the revolutionary ideas.

AGT present in top events of Greece and Europe

The presence of AGT and its participation in this year’s Economist’s 22nd Roundtable was another example of the company’s philosophy of supporting the dialogue with the aim of developing modern policies for the Greek economy and better business conditions in the market.
AGT contributes and will continue to contribute in the most effective way in this direction by participating in the biggest international events related to its field of activity. In June 2018, AGT also took part in the 26th European Facility Management Conference, one of the leading conferences, which took place this year in Sofia (05-08 June).
Since September, AGT has planned to take part in a series of conferences in Greece and abroad, where it will present all of its services, including the popular “minor works”  that covers all day-to-day projects of a business, integrating them into a management model. This results in considerable cost saving & time efffectiveness concerning procedures, approvals and man-hours.
AGT has a presence where the market pulsates and, of course, where the developments in the field are shaped.

New project for AGT in Northern Italy

AGT is pursuing its development strategy within and outside of Greece.
In the framework of strengthening its activities abroad, the company undertook the construction of a production unit of 14,000 square meters on behalf of a multinational customer in northern Italy.
For reasons of confidentiality, AGT does not proceed with the announcement of his name until he proceeds with the notice.
It is a project of high requirements in terms of time, safety & expertise, to be completed by 2018 and includes a production line assembly, piping, ducting, electrical, substations and interconnections.
The total project budget is € 2.5 million.

“AGT’s new collaboration outside of Greece demonstrates once again its high expertise in specialized electromechanical installations. AGT is committed to maintaining consistently high standards throughout its operations, ensuring top quality and faithful delivery of its facilities. At the same time, it remains competitive and consistently consistent with the delivery times of its projects, responding to extremely tight schedules whenever required, ”

AGT Chief Executive Nicos Anastassopoulos said on the occasion of the project’s takeover.