AGT: “Rapidly Growing and Abroad”

AGT is a Greek company specializing in Engineering Projects, Facility Management, Security & Protection Systems, Energy & Environmental, Special Process Projects and Studies & Design.

True to the 10-year development plan, it has already done its expansion abroad, especially by taking on projects that, in addition to significant sales growth, have added experience from high-end projects.

The current trends in energy-saving solutions, special and specialized tasks with demanding implementation times, have found AGT ready for infrastructure, organization and human resources.

The company’s high-level capabilities were confirmed by the very large volume of complex projects undertaken and carried out in full in 2017.

AGT is one of the few companies in the industry, which has a positive sign in its effects even after 2007.

Its goal, the measurable results (KPI’s) for customers, both at the level of savings and the quality of the services they enjoy, is constantly rewarded with Facility Management Awards and Tourism Awards, while remaining a company with extremely high customer loyalty .

The average time of affiliated companies is already 10+ years.


The explosive growth of the company in 2017 indicates the following indicative figures:

    73 service sectors that are active at the same time. From Technical Maintenance, Design Studies, Help Desks, Packaging Sorting, Special Cleaning, Focus, up to Studies & Design, 24/7 Support Services, Energy Efficiencies etc
110,000 work orders are served in full and on time.
120% increase in turnover
40% increase in staff in 2017.
Add Compliance Services, Soft Services (Security, Pest control, gardening).
Expansion with a new company and offices in Cyprus. Activity with projects in Turkey, France, Spain and is already being prepared in Italy,

with Zero Losses per Contract, proof of the effectiveness of executives, infrastructure and organization.


Overall, the company focuses on the “Committed to Challenges” philosophy, which is a foundation stone and is applied to all of its services.

AGT, enriching its other services, has been active in the field of Facility Management and is still up-to-date in line with all international standards of development, both in the field of Maintenance and all of its services.

Its effectiveness is summarized in 4 ingredients:

Stability and consistency in customer support.
Flexibility, tailored to project needs and financial costs.
Speed ​​and reliability of project execution.
Highest level of know-how of its executives.

AGT Engineering & Operations Services is considered one of the most trusted companies in the industry and certainly the fastest growing.