Cosmote as the leading telecommunications group, proceeded with the project of OTE centers maintenance throughout Northern Greece and Crete, in order to maintain the high level of services provided to its customers and if possible upgrade it.


Work orders in total over the duration of the project rose to approximately 5.800, spreading to 600 sites, while removal of critical lesions were held with strict timetable, high liability and  high clauses. Furthermore, remote centers (mountains, Mount Athos, northern Aegean islands, etc.) were difficult to gain access to. All of the procedures had to be carried out with precision and speed for the operation of the communication centers to remain uninterrupted.


AGT proceeded with sharing of areas of responsibility, in geographical aspect, with dedicated teams of technicians & managers through its presiding branches accordingly, while keeping a daily schedule monitoring and motivation. Furthermore the centers, equipment and distances were mapped and recorded and the record provided to the client, updated periodically. Several joint meetings were conducted with the technical staff to mitigate the know-how and with the senior management to assure them with facts of the proper handling.


The client was provided with a full maintenance reports record  concerning the equipment and facilities, accessible and  updated constantly, enabling the most efficient management & sorting of the operations and resources , upgrading the quality of services provided to the customers.