Vassiliko Cement Ltd, proceeded with a high access project, the repair of the alternative fuel lift exhaust chute, addressing the challenge of continuous and innovative development with commitment in respecting the environment.


The project was carried out at a height of 70 meters without visual contact with the final target. This caused problems in dismantling and removing the chute. Continuous alteration of wind intensity and direction, combined with the very small maneuver margin required extra careful movements with the crane to avoid any damage or accidents.


Through the whole process of the project, there was a continuous communication of the intervention site with the specialist crane operator as well as the mechanics system and the wind report feedback, preventing the steep and blind movements, while using state-of-the-art equipment and materials in compliance with strict international regulations.


The customer received a perfectly integrated high access project, with high security requirements and tight timeframe, thus not pausing plant function while gaining a valuable partner with the know-how and the means to deliver special process projects like this.