Sklavenitis S.A. acquired a significant number of stores enabling him to provide superior services & products to the customers all over Greece, therefore needed to proceed with the renovation and façade adaptation of the hyper stores acquired so they would meet the client’s high standards.


As a massive acquisition, most of the claims were made simultaneously, spreading throughout the country, with very thin margins for preparation after the requests and high demands in terms of time schedule and capacity of operating work sites with great disperse.


Our peripheral subdivisions in total coordination with the central office and project managers appointed by the client, gathered the manpower and cooperators fully updated and complied with the client’s requirements putting the work hours needed for the stores to be fully operational in less than three months.


The client kept the tight promise made to his customers concerning the day that each store was inaugurated fully operational and customer friendly with ultra-modern facility equipment by receiving services of a contractor committed to challenges and putting the effort to the task delivering the most efficient results.