Athenian Brewery is the largest beer producer and importer in Greece, with 55 years of market presence. Originally founded in 1963 by a team of five Greek entrepreneurs, the company is now part of HEINEKEN Group. Athenian Brewery has constant demands varying in aspects of urgency and particularities, concerning maintenance, renovation & other minor works. All of the processes mentioned above had to be united under a single contract resulting in effective cost control & reduction, speed increase and quality assurance from a single contractor.


The unification of a wide range of procedures prioritized and organized into a smooth multi-level application along Athenian Brewery’s mechanism, incorporating high level standards in terms of quality and safety, had to be achieved to every plant without disrupting their proper function, provided by a Greek contractor.


AGT organized and provided Civil Works Contract, a flexible and simple model of operation supervised through our branches accordingly, by a dedicated project team per plant, allowing them to respond swiftly to claims, avoiding time-consuming paperwork processes, while the innovative C.C.C. – Customer Contact Coordinator, was implemented with a senior executive inspecting the model, ensuring all services are provided in the most effective way. Every operation held, is followed by post-audit procedures validating integrity of the result.


The client through Civil Works Contract gained cost-reducing operational model saving valuable time and money, with the utmost respect to high quality and strict safety measures, while running in perfect synchronization with the plant’s functions. Furthermore, the client maintains at his arsenal a contractor understanding of the plants’ needs and clients’ international mentality.


Client’s Response:

 “Meticulous operations & even results”

Ksafas Dimitrios, Athenian Brewery S.A. Packaging development director